We won't be able to accept your return if any of the following is true:

  • the original product box/packaging is missing or is damaged;
  • any product part (accessories, parts, manuals..) or the product itself is missing or has any anomaly;
  • the product has been used.

If your product meets the previous conditions:

  • prepare your package by reusing the package you received the item into or a new one: do not use the product box as a shipping box or we won't be able to refund you!
  • contact us in order to receive your return number before shipping it: we won't be able to accept returns without it;
  • when you have received your return number, write it on the package or on the shipping label;
  • send the package back: we recommend you post any returns to us using a carrier who can give you a "Certificate of Posting" as, until the parcel reaches us, it’s your responsibility. The correct address for the return is:

Cubica Srl

Attn. unotrestore.com

Viale Sabotino 4

20135 Milano (MI)

Ph. 02 45548281